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Roman Semiokhin

This is the blog of Roman Semiokhin, serial investor and entrepreneur. This blog will feature posts on a variety of subjects relating to his professional, personal and philanthropic interests.With extensive experience of a variety of different industries including tech, real estate, education and gaming, Roman Semiokhin is a thoughtful leader who is well aware of what it takes to build a successful business from the ground up. In addition to his professional interests, this blog will also feature updates on Roman Semiokhin’s philanthropic activities, both within Cyprus and further afield.

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The COVID-19 pandemic impacted virtually every industry in every country – and none more so than the education sector, where stay-at-home orders and social distancing policies prompted school closures, forcing educators to take learning online at lightning speed to avoid students being left behind.

Russian-born Roman Semiokhin, who now resides in Cyprus, donated ₽ 40 million roubles to Russia following the outbreak of COVID-19 to support the country’s fight against the virus. In addition, he also pledged EUR €1 million to Cyprus, funding programs created to treat and contain COVID-19.

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Roman Semiokhin Education

Combining his specialist knowledge of the tech sector, his business acumen and his commitment to philanthropy, Roman Semiokhin aims to leverage the latest research and innovative technology to create an innovative educational institution in his adopted home country, Cyprus, having closely observed his own children’s experience with primary education and vowed to improve it. Meanwhile, in Bryansk, Russia, his region of origin, Roman Semiokhin is deeply invested in several programs, including plans to create a medical clinic and use this as a blueprint to replicate its success across other regions of the country.

Benefiting from extensive expertise in and experience of the tech industry, Roman Semiokhin recognises the potential of advancing technology to deliver an unlimited supply of information, enhancing efficiency and helping to improve communication. Technology is used not only to protect businesses and institutions against cyberattacks, but also to increase business capacity and employee engagement, as well as enabling markets to expand demographics. Ultimately, a society that neglects to invest in technological innovation neglects to invest in its own future.

Roman Semiokhin Technology
Roman Semiokhin

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Roman Semiokhin recognised the considerable improvement that could be achieved by applying innovative technological advancements in the education sector, making learning more engaging, exciting, and ultimately, more effective. While COVID-19 had a devastating impact on many industries, creating one of the most turbulent economic climates in modern history, it has paved the way for a transformation in the way people live their lives today, with experts predicting that many of these changes are here to stay.

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