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Benefiting from a wealth of experience of the tech and gaming industries, business leader and philanthropist Roman Semiokhin has a unique appreciation of what it takes to build and scale a successful business in an increasingly digitised world. This article will take a closer look at social media marketing, sharing tips for small business owners to leverage platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to increase their audience and ramp up sales. 

Social media marketing presents huge opportunities for businesses large and small, with research from Sprout Social suggesting that consumers are 57.5% more likely to buy from a brand they follow on social media. Although finding and keeping customers can be a challenging endeavour, maintaining relationships with existing customers is also crucial. Thankfully, social media provides the perfect conduit through which to achieve both of these objectives. The attached infographic contains some interesting social media marketing statistics for 2023. 



For small businesses, social media marketing requires a solid strategy. While big companies benefit from the luxury of dedicated time and resources, small business owners need to come up with innovative ways to reach new audiences. The attached PDF identifies the key components of a solid social media marketing strategy. 


Roman Semiokhin

Key Components of a Solid Social Media Marketing Strategy


Social media marketing is no longer the remit of big businesses, with 71% of small-to-midsized businesses using social media to market themselves and 52% posting at least once a day, according to statistics shared by Hootsuite. Businesses that want to remain relevant in a digital age can ill afford to neglect their online presence. 

A carefully crafted and well-executed social media marketing strategy helps to increase a business’s visibility, encouraging followers to share interesting and relevant content and further increasing the brand’s reach and exposure. The more a brand is shown online, the more its chances of building a following and converting clicks into sales. 

Social media marketing helps businesses to better understand their customers, gleaning valuable information about their demographics, interests, behaviours, desires and needs. Companies can use this customer data to improve their social media marketing strategies, ensuring that they consistently create content that appeals to their target market. 

In addition, companies can also use social media to gain a better grasp of their competition, gleaning insights into competitors’ social media marketing strategies and identifying what works well for them, as well as aspects that could be improved upon. The attached video takes a closer look at competitive analysis and why it is so important for businesses seeking to stand out from the crowd.