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About Roman Semiokhin

Entrepreneur and investor Roman Semiokhin is committed to enacting positive social change through philanthropic pursuits both within Cyprus, his country of residence, and further afield.

In the wake of the devastating wildfires in Cyprus, Roman Semiokhin pledged Euro €500,000 to support those affected by the disaster. The blaze covered an area of some 21 square miles, leading to the tragic loss of human life, burning down houses and triggering the evacuation of entire villages.

While the Cypriot authorities managed to bring the fires under control, the island is still recovering from the trauma and devastating environmental impact. Roman Semiokhin supported the Cypriot Government’s pledge in the aftermath of the fires to provide abundant and immediate relief and assistance to families and individuals whose homes had been damaged or destroyed. This included scores of people who were dependent on the forests, surrounding landscape and ecosystem for their livelihoods.

Roman Semiokhin

This is not the first time (or the last) that Roman Semiokhin has used meaningful, charitable giving to advance important societal causes. Following the arrival of COVID-19 in Cyprus and Russia (his country of origin), Roman Semiokhin pledged EUR €1 million and ₽ 40 million roubles to each country respectively in support of efforts in the fight against the virus.

In Bryansk, Russia, Roman Semiokhin is deeply invested in plans to create a medical clinic. The strategy is to use this initiative as a template, replicating it in other regions and creating more clinics over time.

Roman Semiokhin is committed to participating in innovative ventures that drive long-term societal benefits in response to significant challenges, such as the recent fires in Cyprus. To that end, the more resources are marshalled and thoughtfully deployed, the faster communities can recover. Cyprus is certainly not alone in grappling with a slew of extreme weather events and natural disasters. Roman Semiokhin hopes that its residents, particularly those who were seriously affected by the wildfires, will be able to recover and utilise the support flowing into the country to the best of their abilities.

Utilising his in-depth understanding of the tech sector and extensive business acumen, Roman Semiokhin also seeks to leverage state-of-the-art technology to create an innovative learning institution, harnessing the latest research to deliver effective, engaging learning. With extensive experience of the tech, education and real estate industries, Roman Semiokhin keeps a close eye on emerging trends in these sectors, leveraging his experience and knowledge to help drive the businesses and organisations he supports to success.