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Serial investor and philanthropist Roman Semiokhin has experience of a broad range of industries, including the tech sector. This article will examine the importance of nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs, encouraging and inspiring the business leaders of the future.

The world of work is changing, with increasing numbers of young people showing an interest in business ownership. Although the next generation is driven and motivated, launching a new business is, nonetheless, no small undertaking. The attached PDF contains an overview of some of the most common business challenges faced by start-ups today.



It is crucial to create an environment that is receptive to creativity, fuelling and rewarding innovation, and empowering young people to believe in themselves, while helping them to build the confidence necessary to act on future business ideas.

Aspiring entrepreneurs can benefit hugely from mentorship programmes, helping them to face and overcome challenges by providing support from experienced business leaders. Mentorship programmes also provide a valuable opportunity for successful entrepreneurs to give back to their industry, educating and guiding the next generation of entrepreneurs. The embedded video contains an outline of some of the main benefits from the mentee’s perspective.



Business leaders can help to encourage entrepreneurship by instilling in their own children the importance of an enterprising mindset, teaching them from an early age how to recognise where business opportunities lie and utilise their own creativity to solve problems and bring their ideas to fruition. The attached infographic contains some interesting statistics about entrepreneurship trends in 2023.


Roman Semiokhin


Launching a new business is a huge leap of faith that invariably triggers stress and unease. From birth, people are conditioned to fear the unknown and avoid it wherever possible. Nevertheless, making decisions based on fear can be incredibly limiting in the business world, and young people need to be taught to become more comfortable with uncertainty. Failure is, after all, inherent to success, and embracing fear is a critical part of growing.

Each mistake teaches the entrepreneur a valuable lesson, helping them to make smarter choices in the future. Virtually every successful entrepreneur has made at least one ‘failed’ attempt, with those seeming failures boosting their resilience, making them stronger and paving the way for future success.

While entrepreneurship is fraught with challenges, the rewards can be vast. With increasing numbers of young people eschewing employment in favour of building their own businesses, the need to empower and encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs is more important than ever before.