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Roman Semiokhin is an influential figure within the gaming industry. In all of his undertakings, he strives to encourage open-mindedness, recognising that diversity and inclusion are critical to the industry’s success. This article will look at ESG, or Environmental, Social and Governance, exploring why it is so important to the gaming industry today.

ESG refers to a set of standards of ethical behaviour for companies. Socially conscious investors use ESG to screen potential investments. The embedded infographic provides more information about post-COVID-19 investment trends in the UK.



Gaming has historically been criticised for its lack of diversity, with a common perception that the gaming market almost exclusively consists of young white males. However, in reality, this stereotype no longer holds true, with the makeup of the industry evolving considerably in recent years. For example, the 55 to 64 age group is the industry’s fastest growing demographic, with women accounting for 46% of the gaming population today.

Gaming has become a venue for like-minded people to share common interest, connect and chat, often forming deep and meaningful relationships with their fellow gamers. The industry has seen rapid growth in recent years, securing its position as the entertainment industry’s highest-earning sector. The embedded PDF provides more information about the various different areas of the media and entertainment industry.


Roman Semiokhin

Exploring the Different Areas of the Media and Entertainment Industry


Gaming, by its very nature, promotes a sense of inclusiveness and belonging, offering all participants the same opportunities to compete and excel at their chosen game, irrespective of gender, age, background or circumstance. Thanks to a community focus the sector has proven itself to be increasingly socially conscious, with gamers showing that they care not only for their fellow players but also for wider society as a whole, taking steps to support socially-responsible gaming and reduce their carbon footprint.

A 2021 report highlights the contribution that the gaming and betting industry makes to communities, sport and the economy. Essentially, the sector creates thousands of jobs and raises millions of dollars for worthy causes, including raising funding for local sports clubs and communities, as well as a wide range of charities – from mental health and disability organisations to cancer research.

The gaming community has proven itself to be an increasingly inclusive, engaged and generous community, donating to charities in unexpected and innovative ways. For example, the popular Amazon livestreaming platform Twitch provides a platform for gamers to come together and game for good, collectively raising more than $83 million in 2020 alone. You can learn more about Amazon Twitch by viewing the embedded video.